Unofficial Rules

For all small pétanque clubs who just play at local level. This uses the good parts of the official rules and omits the less good parts and is written in Plain English. We’ve cut the Articles down from 41 to 22 and the pages from 20 to 6. We’ve also cut out a lot of duplication.

Download The Unofficial Rules of Petanque 3 after the Jan 2017 update. There’s some good changes but some poor ones as well.

An American site which we like a lot has the two official (French & English) 2010 versions side by side (and a commentary which rips them to shreds). View it here

If you want an even simpler version (just 14 rules & 3 pages) try The short Rules of Pétanque

If you think you’re good with the official rules (or articles as they call them) try our Boules Roules Quiz which has 13 points up for grabs. Answers may be available later but you can always find the answers yourselves with a few hours searching through the Official rules.