Triangular Fixtures between 3 clubs who have 4 teams. (See Excel)

Social fixture planner Fixtures for a big social event between 2 clubs who provide 6 teams each for a 3 round competition. Teams can be pairs or triples or a mixture. Fixtures ensure teams never play on the same piste against the same team twice. Can be extended with common sense to 4 or 5 or 6 rounds.

Leagues – some thoughts Before you start.

Leagues rules2 a word file to amend.The original posted last year contained a few glitches. Basically clubs would never agree on date and time of fixtures. This version corrects that and we’ve used it for a season and it worked well.

Leagues need fixtures and you can find these on the web quite easily. One that works well and is free is Fixture List

To track league match scores use

Both teams keep paper record. Team captain signs oppositions sheet. Results scanned and emailed to organiser.

Bingo Boules An alternative game for cold winter days.

 A singles handicap tournament Just what it says on the tin.

French terms 4 pages of terms used by the french to describe the joy of petanque.

Lemonade Melee. In the summertime when the weather is fine you can advertise one of these. The only difference between this and a normal melee is people are invited to bring their favourite lemonade (red, rosé or white) to the event. Club provides nibbles and nuts and a 3 round melee is played. Someone wins but everyone goes home happy. (No download)

Irish Boules. No download but the rules are simple. Players throw their boules alternately and the team that won the toss or the previous end throws the coche after all boules have been played. Scoring as normal. Fancy dress and prize for the best irish/green outfit. Club usually provides free Baileys/Guinness.

World Cup of petanque. Not yet tested.  Based on football world cup but could be adapted.  Works best as a regional event with several clubs involved at a variety of venues. When the finalists for the World Cup are known but before the matches are played invite entries for your petanque version. If there are 32 teams then ask for 32 pairs etc. On a similar day to the actual draw hold your own draw in a local club with a bar. Each pair is drawn and will represent one of the actual countries in the real event. (Fred and Mabel from Skegness will represent Iceland…) Put the draw into groups of 4 and each group plays a mini league on a date to be determined and at a venue to be determined. Group winners progress; second places progress. Probably to make numbers up to a multiple of 8 you’ll need best runners up as well.  You need 16 finalists to meet at a central venue for a KO competition. National costume optional; flags of competing countries optional; national anthems optional. Jules Rimet cups available in pound shops throughout the land.

Wimbouledon. No download but the rules are complex. You’ll need to decide how many events to run. Men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles, juniors – it’s up to you. For each event you need a KO style scoresheet. Being as there won’t be too many entries particularly if you run many events you may get away with a 4 player or an 8 player scoresheet. If you have 4 or 8 players the draw is easy. With 5  you need 1 qualifier, with 6 you need 2 and with 7 you need 3. Once the competitions are drawn post them on the wall and let people get on with it.

Playing rules are slightly different. First to 6 points wins the set. Best of 3 sets. Matches will probably be short but could all be labelled quarterfinal or semifinal or final so people will feel as if they are playing in important matches.

Offer a small trophy for each event (Pound shop style) and someone could walk away with  handful or several players will win one each. See Small KO file in Excel for suggested scoresheets. Optional. Prepare and serve Pimms. Large bottle for £10 from supermarket, lemonade, fruit prechopped in plastic container, glass jug.

Last of the summer wine competition. End of August  we hold a 3 round pairs event and all the half drunk bottles of Pimms, Baileys, wine, beer are available free of charge  to dispose of them before winter. No download, just downing of remaining drinks and somewhere in there someone wins the the competition.

Soup Melee. We hold these in the winter when it can be cold. standard melee but for the first one the ctee prepare a vegetable soup.  Load of veg, seasoning, nutmeg, cumin, paprika. Boiled then blended, Add half a pint of fresh cream. Keep in pressure cooker overnight and also helps with transport to venue. Reheat on small portable gas ring if you haven’t got a cooker. Bread rolls optional. The twist. Winner prepares the next soup a month later.

Ted’s game. Not sure who invented it or what the real rules are but during an interlude on a melee afternoon it’s a nice game for 2 people. Two people stand at each end of a 12m piste with a boule in the middle at about 6m. They take it in turns to shoot the boule. The winner is the player that manages to shoot the boule to the far end of the piste and past their opponent.

http://www.printyourbrackets.com is an intriguing site that offers many things but useful for running a KO tournament. It has scoresheets for download.