This site is about Petanque competitions. There won’t be many posts but hopefully it will have some useful downloads for small clubs on our pages.

The idea came about because the more we found out about the official rules we found that they were written for top level competitions where licences were produced, umpires patrolled the terrain and juries considered disciplinary actions. Real life petanque isn’t like this so we took the rules and produced an unofficial version. It’s simpler and shorter and we’ve cut out most of the tautology and complications.

You can do what you want with it. Purists will hate it but those who’ve been playing friendly games in a small club will be so grateful that they don’t get Article 37 quoted at them or worse Article 29. Oh and we’ve called the rules The Rules. Just to keep it simple.

As well as these unofficial rules we’re going to add some stuff to help you run simple competitions. They’ve come from many places and many people.

These are all free to download but if you like them please consider making a donation to our paypal account of £1 / $1 / €1. We’re not expecting to be millionaires from this. It’s completely up to you. Donations in first 6 months – Nowt, nada, rien, zip.

Our email is boulesroules@gmail.com.